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Corn & Callus Treatment in Victoria, TX

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Victoria Corn & Callus Treatment

What Are They, How You Get Them, & Treatment Options

Corns usually appear on the sides of your toes or bottom of your feet and can make it painful to stand or walk. Calluses are a thick buildup of the skin and relatively painless and more of an annoyance.

Corns and calluses are mostly due to wearing improper shoes because of the pressure, especially from heels. This is why women are more likely than men to have these types of foot issues.

Consistent foot care can help keep calluses and prevent them from
growing large enough to be a problem. There are many products
available to make foot care easier, including foot soaks and pumice stones.

Treatment consists of debridement or trimming of the lesion(s), proper
shoe gear, and padding or custom-molded orthotics to alleviate the
pressure that causes calluses.

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